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Unopposed Tsipras re-elected as SYRIZA leader with 9 out of 10 delegates’ votes

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras emerged with a stronger grip over his ruling leftist SYRIZA party on Sunday night, even as practically all recent opinion polls show his party continuously slipping in support and his popularity collapsing.

Tsipras run unopposed and was re-elected as party president with a figure reminiscent of more “command economy” systems, taking 92.39 percent of delegates’ vote, or 2,548 out of the 2,926 ballots cast. A mere 176 votes were blank; 34 were invalid.

In closing a three-day party congress at an Athens seaside sports venue, Tsipras referred to “difficult battles that await us”, while previously saying that an upcoming second review of the Greek program will be quickly completed.