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Stock market: The «ESG» stocks that stand out into 2024


The "green" index of the Athens Stock Exchange, i.e. FTSE ESG, is at the highest level since its creation, in September 2021

The index monitors the daily performance of the listed companies that adopt and display practices in matters of environment, society and corporate governance.

The FTSE ESG was launched 2.5 years ago, aiming at attracting high-quality investment funds.

Since then, the index has recorded a rally of more than 60%, while since the beginning of 2024 the cumulative increase reaches +9.5%. The General Index has risen 56% and 8.6%, respectively in the same periods.
Therefore, the FTSE ESG has slightly outperformed the rest of the market.

Which shares stand out

From the total of 60 companies, which make up the “green” index, we can definitely single out the 25 representatives of high capitalization. At the same time, there are 15 listed from the medium capitalization and another 20 listed from the small capitalization.

In total, 40 stocks are moving higher since the beginning of the year, 17 are recording losses, while two are unchanged.

In the spotlight

From the above, undoubtedly, the shares of Piraeus, ELVAHALCOR, Intracom and Iktinos, stand out as they show a total change of more than 20% in 2024.

At the same time, this year’s profits for Alpha Bank, Autohellas, Eurobank, Viohalco, Sarantis, National Bank, Motor Oil, PPA, Ellaktor, Titan and Lavipharm are moving at double-digit levels (>10%), while the shares of Helleniq Energy, Jumbo, Aegean, GEK TERNA and Flexopack are very close to +10%.

Which ones are lagging behind

On the other hand, of course, there are stocks, which are underperforming.

This category includes the shares of Cenergy, Quest, EYDAP, EYATH, Terna Energy, Dimand, Premia, AVAX, Alumyl, EYATH, Space, Elin, ELTON, Motodynamics, Medical Athens, OLTH, Petropoulos, Plastics of Crete and SIDMA.
The biggest losses since the beginning of the year belong to Quest, Alumil, Motodynamics and Petropoulos, which have lost up to 10%.

The biggest percentage changes in FTSE ESG stocks in 2024

  • Piraeus +23%
  • Iktinos +21%
  • Intracom +20%
  • Eurobank +18%
  • Viohalco +18%
  • Titan +17%
  • National Bank +14.5%
  • Motor Oil +13.5%
  • Autohellas +13%
  • Sarantis +13%
  • Alpha +12%
  • Lavipharm +11.5%
  • Discount +10%
  • PPA +10%
  • Petropoulos -8%
  • Quest -8%
  • Motodynamics -9.5%
  • Alumil -10%