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Fires: 23% of Attica Region burnt in 7 years

REUTERS/Fedja Grulovic

Eleven wildfires in the Attica Region from 2017 to the end of July 2023 have destroyed over 55,000 hectares (550,000 stremmas), according to the National Observatory of Athens/ based on data provided by the European Union’s Copernicus mapping services and the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS).

Provided that the Attica Region’s surface area (excluding the regions of Trizinia, the islands and the Athens Basin) totals 250,000 hectares (2.5 million stremmas), 23% of the total area of Attica has been destroyed by forest fires during the last seven years.

The situation causes great concern, the National Observatory said, adding that it requires a comprehensive strategy to fight wildfires that will incorporate state-of-the-art information from several sciences.