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Economic omni-bus bill: Households benefit at 4.4 billion euros


Increases in the salaries of the public sector employees for the first time after 14 years, extension of the market pass, measures to support the income of citizens with an increase in the tax-free threshold, tax reduction and income support for young people, families, employees, pensioners and property owners are included in the omni-bus bill of the Finance Ministry presented on Tuesday.

The total amount of the interventions reaches 1.1 billion euros per year, and 4.4 billion for the next four years, while an additional 385 million euros is the benefit of the measures that will come into effect this year.

Presenting the bill, Finance Minister Kostis Hatzidakis said that this is an initiative which corresponds to the implementation of approximately 50% of the government’s pre-election commitments in the financial sector.