President of high court unexpectedly resigns; bemoans next round of pension cuts in Greece

Wednesday, 16 May 2018 15:30

The chief justice of Greece's Council of State (CoS), the country's highest administrative court, resigned on Wednesday, speaking at a hastily called press conference where he directly criticized judicial leaks and a violation of confidentiality governing the high court institution. 

Nikos Sakellariou said leaks of recent proceedings involving cases before the CoS are an 'unacceptable violation' of ethics. He announced his resignation before reaching the mandatory retirement age, while adding that another round of pension cuts in the country - passed by the leftist-rightist coalition government in 2016 - "will result in the complete devastation of pensioners".

He also took a direct shot at the country's political leadership, saying the executive branch has always tried to shift the country's intractable problems to the courts for a solution.

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