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Latest poll has ND ahead of SYRIZA by 10 percentage points

Main opposition New Democracy (ND) was ahead of ruling SYRIZA party in yet another opinion poll, with the latest results on Monday evening showing the former ahead of SYRIZA by 10 percentage points.

The poll was conducted by the University of Macedonia’s political studies department and commissioned by the television broadcaster Skai, which presented the results on its prime-time newscast.

Specifically, ND received 27.5 percent of respondents’ vote to 17.5 percent for SYRIZA.

The extremist and ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn (Chryssi Avgi) party again placed in third place, this time garnering 7.5 percent of respondents’ preferences. A socialist PASOK-affiliated grouping and the Communist Party (KKE) each polled 5.5 percent, with the Union of Centrists at 3.5 percent.

On the “down side”, the current junior coalition partner in the SYRIZA government, the rightist-populist Independent Greeks’ party (AN.EL), was shown below the 3-percent threshold needed to enter Parliament, as it polled 2 percent. Another current party in Parliament, centrist Potami, was given 1.5 percent.

Roughly 17 percent of respondents said they would abstain in an upcoming election, whenever one is declared, while 7 percent favored an invalid or blank vote.

ND leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis is the most popular political leader, picked by 22 percent of respondents, followed by current PM Alexis Tsipras, with 19 percent.