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Three out of 10 households in Greece to pay more income tax, beyond declared taxable income

Three out of 10 Greek households that submitted a tax return for incomes generated in 2017 – amid a looming deadline this week – will be called upon to pay additional income taxes, or, will lose tax breaks and welfare benefits.

Specifically, some 1.9 million taxpayers, single and married, out of 6.25 million taxpayers that submitted income tax returns for 2017, will be taxed at a higher rate than their declared taxable income, namely, because the independent public revenues authority has calculated their “presumptive means of sufficient subsistence” at a greater level.

Taxpayers that appeared on the tax bureau’s “radar screens” for 2017 for the first time as owning additional taxes from their annual income statement are low-income wage-earners, low-income pensioners and people with occasional or seasonal employment, as well as low-income self-employed professionals and, lastly, farmers. The latter are called upon to pay an “extra something” to the tax bureau in Greece for even meager incomes generated in 2017 or even damages.