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Opinion poll: 66% of respondents against Prespa agreement; ND at 32%

Results of a poll published in the Sunday weekly “Proto Thema” show that 66 percent of respondents are against the Prespa agreement, whereas main opposition New Democracy garners 32 percent in the terms of political party preferences, a figure that in a general election – and only with five parties in parliament – translates into 158 deputies out of a total of 300.

Ruling SYRIZA picks up 23.1 percent of respondents’ preferences.

Results of the opinion poll, by the Marc firm, coincided with Sunday’s mass rally in downtown Athens against the bilateral agreement with the neighboring former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (fYRoM).

Just as impressively, 67.4 percent of respondents in the poll said a snap general election should be held no later than May, when local and European Parliament elections are scheduled.

In terms of other parties, the Kinima Allagis (Movement for Change) grouping, mostly dominated by socialist PASOK, and the ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn party both poll 6.4 percent, with the Communist Party (KKE) at 5.9 percent.
No other party is given above 3 percent, which in a general election – out of the total of valid votes – is the threshold for entering Parliament.

The “don’t know/won’t answer” tally of the poll’s respondents reached 14.2 percent.