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Covid-19 outbreak: Four new confirmed infections, one more fatality on Mon.

Four new confirmed coronavirus infections were reported on Monday, bringing the total in the east Mediterranean country to 2,882, while another related fatality was reported. The death toll now stands at 172, still amongst the lowest Covid-19 fatalities rates in the EU.

Tests for the virus in the country now exceed 155,000.

On an auspicious note, only 18 people infected with the coronavirus are on life support in ICUs, with the average age being 69. Of those in critical condition 83.3 percent are over the age of 70, or have an underlying health condition.

At the same time, 101 people once on life support for Covid-19 have recovered and exited ICUs.  

The average age of the victims is now 76, with 94.8 percent having suffered from an underlying condition or were above the age of 70.