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Land deed operators oppose abolition of offices around Greece

By T. Igoumenidi

[email protected]

A special report issued by Parliament’s scientific committee last week questions the constitutionality of a draft provision, included in an omnibus bill set for approval by lawmakers on Monday evening, that envisions the abolition of land deed offices around the country and the transfer of their responsibilities to an upgraded cadastre entity.

The latter, in fact, will absorb the current National Cadastre & Mapping Agency S.A., a state-controlled entity that has struggled to deliver over the past 20 or more years what Greece lacks: a unified, functional and digitalized land registry.

The report echoes standing opposition by the operators of land deed offices, particularly unpaid officials.

Under the draft legislation, the overall jurisdiction of such offices will shift from the justice ministry to the environment and energy ministry.

One point of conflict, according to critics of the provision, is that land deed registrars are quasi judicial officials, whereby under Greece’s constitution they must come under the jurisdiction of the justice ministry.