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Fighting breaks out at makeshift Idomeni refugee camp

Fighting amongst third country nationals still camped out at a makeshift shelter in extreme northern Greece on the border with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (fYRoM) broke out on Tuesday, with at least one man reported injured.

The camp at the Idomeni site still hosts thousands of Mideast refugees but also Third World nationals attempting to reach preferred destinations in central and northern Europe.

According to Greek police, the fighting was between a group of Syrians and a group of Kurds, although it was undetermined from which country the Kurds hailed from.

In a related development, the main rail line leading north out of the country through Idomeni remains blocked off by migrants demanding that fYRoM allow them to pass through the country.

The line has been blocked for nearly 50 days, with Greek authorities unwilling to remove the protesters from tracks.