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Interior minister signals intent to lift most restrictions on Greek citizens abroad voting from their place of residence

Greece’s interior minister on Monday more-or-less surprised the opposition by tabling a draft amendment, composed of a single article, essentially lifting all restrictions on a process for Greek citizens abroad to vote from their place of residence.

Interior Minister Makis Voridis made the statement while appearing on a morning television current affairs program, while even pointing to a similar position expressed by a main opposition SYRIZA MP who holds the expatriate Greeks’ shadow portfolio.

Although he promised most restrictions would be lifted, if the draft amendment is ratified by Parliament, Voridis added that certain conditions will remain, such as a would-be voter abroad still being registered on voters rolls, a verified presence in Greece over the past 35 years and a tax statement filed in the country.

Nevertheless, a subsequent official reaction by leftist SYRIZA party was highly negative of Voridis’ intent to liberalize the framework for Greek citizens abroad to vote from their place of residence, i.e. at polling stations set up in diplomatic missions and possibly in community centers and parish churches.