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Arrests linked to self-styled anarchist group on island of Tinos

Up to eight people were arrested on the Cyclades island of Tinos on Thursday following a lawsuit filed by the island’s mayor, and after a group identified as belonging to a notorious self-styled anarchist group entered town hall to throw pamphlets.

According to reports, the written message on the pamphlets was threatening against the island’s mayor.

Reports that the arrested individuals belonged to the “antifa”-like “Rouvikonas” group came with a subsequent post on website claiming that the action came in response to the death of two municipal sanitation workers in a road accident involving a garbage truck on April 30.

In a bid to justify the action, the web post cited claims of complaints over the poor maintenance of the vehicle.

Police and port authorities arrested the individuals as they were about to board a ferry boat for the mainland, according to the local websites and

The incident was noteworthy because of the fact that it did not take place in the greater Athens area, or another urban area, but on a small island.

Earlier, members of the same group entered the headquarters of the British NGO Oxfam in central Athens, throwing paint on the walls and vandalizing office equipment. The reason, again posted on the same website, were serious allegations of sexual misconduct by former Oxfam employees in Haiti.