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PM Tsipras in Beijing: Greece wants to play crucial role in China’s ‘Belt & Road’ initiative

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was highly laudatory of China’s ambitious “Belt & Road” initiative, speaking on Saturday in Beijing in front of China’s top leadership and a multitude of international leaders, as that Beijing and Chinese companies have been a major investor in Greece over the bailout years and particularly during Tsipras’ shaky administration.

In eschewing a more “Sino-sceptic” mood in western Europe of late, Tsipras said Greece has a crucial role to play in the global and China-financed initiative.

He spoke at the second B&R initiative forum, and within the framework of a roundtable discussion of global leaders, citing the ubiquitous catchphrase of Greece’s geographic position, its continued membership in the eurozone, as well as what he called its “ever-increasing” economic opportunities.