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Micro-brewery sector in Greece surging, on back of global beer trend, higher tourism

By D. Alexaki
[email protected] 

A burgeoning presence but limited profits are, in general terms, the main characteristics of the micro-brewing sector in Greece so far, although forecasts continue to be very bright – as Greek consumers are following a global trend in beer consumption.

According to figures released by “The Brewers of Europe”, a federation of 29 associations of brewers from a same-number of countries, Greece in 2011 had only seven micro-breweries. As of 2017, the number had jumped to 30, while the current estimate by the Hellenic Association of Brewers – which includes the smaller breweries- is 45.

According to the association’s president, Sofoklis Panagiotou, “…in Greece the margins for growth in the sector are significant, boosted by both the global trend, which is turning to consumption of beer produced by smaller producers, as well as an increasing tourism flow.”

At the same time, Panagiotou, one of the co-founders of the Septem Microbrewery, emphasized that a significant factor for the sector’s continued growth is an increase in per capital domestic consumption.

At the same time, he estimated that the sector could witness up to 100 micro-breweries in the country over the coming years.