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Greek president: When our neighbors stray we are obliged to show them the right path

Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos issued a customary New Year’s Day message on Monday that included references to regional developments, speaking at an annual reception at the presidential mansion that brings together the country’s political, military, religious and academic leadership.

“Our (Greece) role is historic, even with our neighbors. When they stray we are obliged to show them the right path … we are not  burdened with arrogance, we do not over-estimate our powers, nor will we underestimate them,” Pavlopoulos, who holds the ceremonial president of the republic post, said in front of reporters.

In a poignant statement addressed to a representative of the Coptic Church in Greece, Pavlopoulos expressed a wish that no more victims are mourned – a direct reference to the most recent attack against the Christian minority in Egypt.