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Greece still 5th on Bloomberg’s misery index despite bailout exit, return to growth

Despite exiting the memorandums, posting high-end Eurozone growth rates and even making a timid but successful market foray for sovereign borrowing, Greece nevertheless remains in the unenviable “top 5” of the Bloomberg Misery Index, ranking fifth, specifically.

The index is based on figures on inflation, unemployment and how the latter affect a country’s citizens.

A total of 62 countries are surveyed for the index, with the “negative first place” again going to Venezuela, where inflation this year has already skyrocketed to eight million percent.

Argentina follows in the misery category, with the North Africa region in third, then Turkey, and finally, its western neighbor, Greece.

The “least economically miserable” countries, according to Bloomberg are liberal-minded Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Switzerland and Denmark.