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Latest complaint by Erdogan-led Turkey eyes visits by Greek warships to …Greek islands; no word on next round of exploratory talks

The Erdogan regime has not responded on whether Turkish representatives will attend a next round of exploratory talks between Athens and Ankara, as a scheduled series of contacts between March 3 through March 5 in the Greek capital failed to materialize.

The negative developments comes amid continued belligerence and even warmongering by Ankara, with Turkish officials now taking umbrage with the fact that Greek warships patrol and dock at … Greek islands in the eastern Aegean.

For instance, Turkish diplomats, military spokespeople and other office-holders have pointed to the presence of a Hellenic Navy missile boat anchored in the extreme southeast Aegean island of Kastellorizo, claiming that the isle is “demilitarized” and cannot even host naval vessels. The claims are subsequently magnified and widely disseminated by Turkey’s pro-government mass media, which now means practically all media outlets in the country.

Ankara in recent years that pointed to the 1947 Peace Treaty Italy, which led to the incorporation of the Dodecanese islands to the then Kingdom of Greece, transferring sovereignty from WWII defeated state Italy to WWII victor Greece.

Article 14, paragraph two, for instance, stipulates that “…These islands shall be and shall remain demilitarised.” However, Turkey is not only a signatory to the specific treaty, but at the time did not even sent a representative or observer to the peace conference’s negotiations.

In exhibiting the latest annoyance at Athens’ cooperation with other regional countries, ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) spokesman Omer Celik this week told the Deutche Welle, that it was actually Greece that was “generating aggression” against Turkey, following a visit by the Greek FM to Egypt.   

“The Greeks cannot see a secure future without a fair agreeemtn with Turkey,” was the threat uttered by Celik.