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Government reshuffle sending the «message of dynamic restart»


The new ministers will be sworn in on Friday, at 18:00

The government wants to send a “message of a dynamic restart” with the reshuffle it announced on Friday, which reflects the priorities for the next period with an emphasis on dealing with the price spike and improving citizens’ daily lives.

“It is a reform that responds to the request of the citizens who showed that they trust the government, but at the same time asking to move faster and get better,” government sources said.

The changes to the new cabinet demonstrate the priorities of the next period: dealing with the high cost of living, solving the farmers’ problems and dealing with the issues of the region.

The new ministers will be sworn in on Friday, at 18:00.

The new composition of the government:

Prime Minister: Kyriakos Mitsotakis

Finance Ministry

Minister: Kostis Hatzidakis

Alternate Finance Minister: Nikos Papathanasis

Deputy Minister: Christos Dimas

Deputy Minister: Thanos Petralias

Foreign Affairs Ministry

Minister: George Gerapetritis

Deputy Minister: Kostas Kotsiras

Deputy Minister: Kostas Fragogiannis

Deputy Minister: Alexandra Papadopoulou

National Defence Ministry

Minister: Nikos Dendias

Deputy Minister: Yiannis Kefalogiannis

Interior Ministry

Minister: Theodoros Livanios

Deputy Minister: Gioulekas Vassilis

Deputy Minister: Vassilis Spanakis

Deputy Minister: Vivi Charalampogianni

Education Ministry

Minister: Kyriakos Pierrakakis

Alternate Minister: Yiannis Vroutsis

Deputy Minister: Zetta Makri

Deputy Minister: Ioanna Lytrivi

Health Ministry

Minister: Adonis Georgiadis

Alternate Minister: Irini Agapidaki

Deputy Minister: Dimitris Vartzopoulos

Deputy Minister: Marios Themistocleous

Infrastructure and Transport Ministry

Minister: Christos Staikouras

Deputy Minister: Vassilis Economou

Deputy Minister: Nikos Tahiaos

Environment and Energy Ministry

Minister: Theodoros Skylakakis

Deputy Minister: Nikos Tagaras

Deputy Minister: Alexandra Sdoukou

Development Ministry

Minister: Takis Theodorikakos

Deputy Minister: Zoi Rapti

Deputy Minister: Anna-Mani Papadimitriou

Labour and Social Affairs Ministry

Minister: Niki Kerameus

Deputy Minister: Kostas Karagounis

Deputy Minister: Panos Tsakloglou

Citizen Protection Ministry

Minister: Michalis Chrysochoidis

Deputy Minister: Andreas Nikolakopoulos

Justice Ministry

Minister: Giorgos Floridis

Deputy Minister: Yiannis Bougas

Culture and Sports Ministry

Minister: Lina Mendoni

Deputy Minister: Iason Fotilas

Migration and Asylum Ministry

Minister: Nikos Panagiotopoulos

Deputy Minister: Sofia Voultepsi

Social Cohesion and Family

Minister: Sofia Zacharaki

Deputy Minister: Katerina Papakosta

Rural Development and Foods Ministry

Minister: Kostas Tsiaras

Deputy Minister: Christos Kellas

Deputy Minister: Dionysis Stamenitis

Shipping and Island Policy Ministry

Minister: Christos Stylianidids

Deputy Minister: Stefanos Gikas

Tourism Ministry

Minister: Olga Kefalogianni

Deputy Minister: Elena Rapti

Digital Governance Ministry

Minister: Dimitris Papastergiou

Deputy Minister: Konstantinos Kyranakis

Climate Crisis and Citizen Protection

Minister: Vassilis Kikilias

Deputy Minister: Christos Triantopoulos

Deputy Minister: Evangelos Tournas
Minister of State: Makis Voridis

Minister of State: Akis Skertsos

Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister: Giorgos Mylonakis

Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister: Thanassis Kontogiorgis

Government spokesman: Pavlos Marinakis