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Germanos: The first store in Athens, the Sunlight factory and multi-million dollar deals

Entersoft is expected to be the next company, which will be transferred to businessman Panos Germanos, completing yet another deal in the technology sector – with the support of the investment company Imker Capital, which participates in the joint venture of Unity.

The success of the public offer, which will “run” until July 9, is considered certain, with Unity, which already owns 37.2% of the shares, being asked to pay an amount of 130 million euros, in order to acquire 90.9% of the share capital. After that, a request for squeeze out and deletion from the Athens Stock Exchange will follow.

Three months after the initial announcement of the deal, 74-year-old Panos Germanos is preparing to add another valuable asset to the Olympia Group’s portfolio, continuing the long journey to success, which began in 1980 from a small battery shop.

This is the starting point of the “empire” of mobile phone stores “GERMANOS”, with the company being listed on the Athens Stock Exchange at the dawn of the 21st century. Six years later, i.e. in 2006, the mega-deal for the sale of the brand to the OTE Group will come in a golden deal worth 651 million euros.

Batteries and Public

However, Panos Germanos acquired the Sunlight factory in 1991 having been already established in the battery industry.
In 2005, he took another step into retail, creating the Public chain, which today has also absorbed the Media Markt brand.
Business with the billionaire.

In 2007, the investment in the Polish mobile phone company PLAY will follow, which it sold in 2020 to the French billionaire Javier Niel for 440 million euros.

The current Olympia Group consists of Sunlight, SoftOne, Westnet, Public and soon Entersoft, while the Group also maintains a 5% minority interest in the share capital of Lamda Development (via Voxcove).

Therefore, Panos Germanos is the head of a multinational scheme, which expands into 10 different countries and employs 9,200 people.