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Laboratory doctors abstain from their work demanding the abolition of clawback

Laboratory doctors continue to abstain from their jobs for the third week, demanding the abolition of clawback. The future of their mobilization will be decided at the nationwide teleconference to be held with the participation of 800 laboratory doctors next Saturday. Participation in abstinence reaches 100% in the region of the country, while in Thessaloniki the percentage exceeds 65%.

The above was stated during a press conference by the vice-president of the Medical Association of Thessaloniki, Maria Hatzidimitriou, noting that the requests of the laboratory doctors to the Minister of Health are:

  • The abolition of clawback or even the reduction to 5% from 55-60% which is today.
  • The signing of Collective Agreements of private laboratory doctors with the Panhellenic Medical Association and EOPYY
  • The co-responsibility of the clawback with the Ministry of Health, IDIKA and the clinics.

“Private laboratory doctors are facing serious problems with the clawback, i.e. with the forced return of the amounts owed to them by EOPYY for laboratory tests carried out that exceed the budget,” they pointed out.