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5+3 “golden” deals in Energy

All the latest big deals in Energy

The energy sector is playing a leading role in market developments this year, supporting valuations and increasing the international impact of Greek listed companies.

The recent deal between PPC and Mytilineos, amounting to 2 billion euros, is added to a series of acquisitions-mergers-agreements, which shows that the main “players” of the industry have now “changed track.”

Intrakat and PPC Renewables recently announced their cooperation for the joint development of a 2.7 GW RES portfolio, in a deal with a potential value of up to and over 1 billion euros.

Last October, PPC acquired Enel Romania for 1.24 billion euros, expanding its presence to the Balkan region.
Towards the end of January, another deal was recorded in the energy sector, with Motor Oil acquiring the remaining 25% of Anemos from Ellaktor, following the initial purchase of 75% at the end of 2022. Motor Oil is also close to Elektor, also a subsidiary of Ellaktor, for which a financial audit has begun, as was officially announced last week.

At the same time, the large investment of Mytilineos in Canada, amounting to 1.16 billion euros, which concerns the development of photovoltaic projects, with a capacity of 1.4 GW, has entered the final stretch of its implementation.

Terna and Helleniq Energy

And most importantly, the “golden” energy deals are not expected to end here. The scenarios for the transfer of the majority package of Terna Energy to a company from the United Arab Emirates have been on the spotlight for a few weeks, a fact which is also reflected in the dynamic rally of the shares of both Terna Energy and GEK TERNA, which maintains a percentage of 37.3% in the energy company.

Scenarios are also being circulated for Helleniq Energy (formerly ELPE), which may proceed with a new share offering, just as it had successfully done last December.

All the latest big deals in Energy
• Mytilineos – PPC worth 2 billion euros
• Intrakat – PPC worth up to 1 billion euros
• PPC – Enel Romania 1.24 billion euros
• Motor Oil – Anemos worth 123 million euros
• Mytilineos – Canada worth 1.16 billion euros