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Spectacular increase in modern tankers deals

Modern tankers are in high demand in the shipping market, as evidenced by the spectacular increase in construction during the first quarter, as well as the massive interest in vessels for sale.

Strong interest was recently expressed in the sale of the LR2 Aurviken oil products tanker (capacity 112,802 dwt and built in 2019). According to “Naftemporiki” sources, the number of prospective buyers was double digit, while domestic brokerage houses pointed out that the company that finally prevailed is of Greek interests.

The final price, according to the same sources, amounted to 73 million dollars, a particularly high amount and above the levels at which freight brokers place the value of a five-year aframax. The fact that it is equipped with scrubbers may have helped boost the Aurviken’s price.

Agreements for new vessels

At the same time, the lack of many modern ships available for sale leads the majority of shipowners to new orders. In one of the recent deals, “Naftemporiki” was informed by various sources that Union Maritime, which is based in London, has ordered two product tankers at the South Korean shipyard HD Ksoe. The total cost exceeded 140 million dollars.

According to data from Xclusiv Shipbrokers, from January to March 2024, orders were placed for 100 newbuild tankers, i.e. a growth of 31% compared to the corresponding period of 2023.

Shipbrokers Xclusiv pointed out that the under construction order book now stands at 9.1% of the active fleet, compared to just 4.4% in March last year.

Greeks shipowners playing a leading role

Greek shipowners play a pleading role in both second-hand and new-built ship deals. During the first quarter, Greeks accounted for around 25.5% of tanker sales, ranking first among sellers and second among buyers, according to data from Xclusiv Shipbrokers.

As for the new vessels, the same source stated that 30% of the tankers being built today, or 205 vessels out of a total of 690, belong to shipping companies of Greek interests.

Among the companies that have recently ordered tankers are Navios Maritime Partners, Dynacom Tankers, and Cape Shipping.