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The Hellenic Aerospace Industry’s modernization a pillar for Greek defense industry

Πηγή φωτ: Γραφείο Τύπου ΥΠΕΘΑ

A new era for the Hellenic Aerospace Industry

National Defence Minister Nikos Dendias’ big bet is the revival of the Hellenic Aerospace Industry (HAI) with the view to playing a critical role to the upgrade of the Greek defense industry.

A new era for the Hellenic Aerospace Industry

Describing his vision for the Hellenic Aerospace Industry, Dendias stated that “it is now moving to another level with new technologies, new research, and things that should be developed for the Greek armed forces and not only for the air force.”

It is expected to offer the Greek defense industry significant benefits as Turkey has developed its own weapons, such as Bayraktar drones, with geopolitical and economic benefits beyond military power as it becomes an exporter.

“We will proceed with our own advanced production of power multipliers, drones, anti drones, autonomously moving in the sea, under the sea, on land,” the minister clarified, highlighting the challenges but also the ambitious goals for the “Agenda 2030”.

The Air Force has already started its modernization as it has acquired the F-35 fighter jets, upgraded the F-16s to Vipers and it is expected to proceed with the sale of F-16 Block.30 and Mirage.2000-5 Mk.2.

The Air Force’s triptych

The ministry insists on unification and the existence of three main types (F-16 Viper, -the best F-16 that has ever flown- the Rafale, an advanced technology and high capability plane and in a few years the most modern plane in the F-35).

Next month the historic F-4 will be retired, for which a special farewell ceremony will be held.

It is possible that buyers will be sought for this aircraft despite its age.

We will sell F16s and Mirages

Among the goals of Dendias are the sale of the F-16 Block.30 and the Mirage 2000-5.

He explained that a modern plane has much more firepower than a previous generation plane. A Mirage 2000-5 carries one SCALP missile while a Rafale carries two Scalp missiles. In other words, one Rafale equals two Mirages.

In addition, the different types of aircraft cost much more because there must be many more aircraft maintenance lines.

The goal of “Agenda 2030” is the modernization of the fleet, the innovation of the Armed Forces, and the know-how to be produced by the Hellenic Aerospace Industry “using the new Greek minds that are as capable as all the others,” the minister stressed.