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Anastopoulos Shipbrokers issues sustainability report, adopts ESG standards

The report follows an evaluation by an independent evaluation company

Anastopoulos Shipbrokers published the first official sustainability report in Greek shipbroking, signaling its commitment to nine environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG) standards. The report follows an evaluation by an independent evaluation company.

Its founder Paris Anastopoulos explained what prompted the company to undergo this rigorous process: “We have seen in our country the devastating impact of the economic and environmental crisis, but also of the crisis in the health sector, both on vulnerable people and in business, and as a group we felt we had to do something on our part. It doesn’t matter small or big, as long as we help our community.”

“As we began to study the UN Sustainable Development Goals and broader ESG guidelines, we expanded our focus to include issues such as pay equity, diversity and the impact of a positive work environment.

Over time, we realized that by improving the environment, our local community, and our own company, we could simultaneously educate ourselves on how to be better people, better colleagues, and better neighbors,” he added.

The 11-year-old shipbroking company is committed to transparency and responsibility in various areas of environmental and social responsibility:

  • Environmental certification for its supply chain, including vendors selected for the company’s new office space.
  • Reduced energy consumption and increased use of green energy.
  • Recycling and reducing the use of plastic.
  • Reduction of greenhouse emissions, including a possible collaboration with an algae cultivation organization.
  • Commitment to social initiatives.
  • Equal pay and flexible forms of work.
  • A biophilic and ergonomic workplace.
  • Adoption of a formal Diversity Charter and documented increase in staff inclusion.
  • Participation in feeding and sanitation initiatives for homeless people.

“We are happy to be the first Greek shipbroking company to make these commitments and we will be happy to see others follow,” Anastopoulos stated and added: “This is only the beginning of this journey, but we feel that this journey will open new horizons.”

Established in 2013, Anastopoulos Shipbrokers assists buyers and sellers of large merchant ships in Greece, Germany, Italy, USA, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and other major shipping countries. It also facilitates the ordering of new ships at shipyards in Japan, Korea and China.