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SQLearn: Three-year partnership renewal with Nereus Shipping

The renewal of services provided to Nereus Shipping is the first contract signed by SQLearn for 2024

Nereus Shipping S.A. and SQLearn agreed the three-year extension of their cooperation regarding the training of personnel on 13 Nereus tankers. The renewal of services provided to Nereus Shipping is the first contract signed by SQLearn for 2024.

SQLearn has been working with Nereus Shipping since 2020 and throughout this period they have developed an integrated seamen training system, adapted to the particular needs of the company’s safety-demanding SMS, but also to the obligations deriving from Rightship and SIRE requirements 2.0, with the latter two being top priorities for all shipping companies.

Combining long experience and deep knowledge of the industry with the most modern, integrated solutions, SQLearn provides innovative training services. These services are positively evaluated and trusted over time by some of the largest shipping companies in Greece.

Costas Kanellopoulos, managing director of Nereus Shipping S.A., said: “As we operate in the highly competitive, global shipping environment, the continuous training of our staff is key for us to be able to meet the demands and respond to the challenges of our changing industry. In this direction, our partnership with SQLearn has been an advantage for us for more than three years. We are very happy to renew our partnership and look forward to continuing to strengthen our human resources.”

On his part, Spyros Goumas, president and CEO of SQLearn, noted: “Innovation and adaptability are the key features that have rendered shipping – and especially Greek shipping – a leader of the global economy for years. Especially today, when shipping companies are faced with a mixture of emerging challenges and ever-evolving changes in the way the industry operates, the continuous training of their personnel is of paramount importance in order to be able to operate effectively in the new reality that is shaping up for shipping. At SQLearn we are proud that for 10 years we have developed a high level of expertise in modern seafarer training methods, offering shipping companies innovative solutions tailored to their needs. And we are very happy about the renewal of our cooperation with Nereus Shipping S.A. Our goal is to continue our excellent cooperation, but also to upgrade the educational platform by integrating new services, so that the company can respond, as it deserves, to the new international regulations. We are thrilled that a company whose history dates back to the late 19th century is trusting SQLearn to meet the demands of the 21st century.”