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ONEX: Two ships from Algeria under repair in Elefsis Shipyard

In the coming weeks, the Elefsis Shipyards will carry out the overhaul of the 200m-long "BADJI MOKHTAR III" Algiers ferry

The Elefsis Shipyards undertook the maintenance and renovation works of two ships from Algeria. The first one is the ferry ship “TARIQ IBN ZYAD”, 153m long, built in 1995. It has already docked at the Elefsis Shipyards since Sunday, February 11, being the first Algerian ship to enter a Greek shipyard for a long time.

In the coming weeks, the Elefsis Shipyards will carry out the overhaul of the 200m-long “BADJI MOKHTAR III” Algiers ferry, built in 2021, after winning the relevant tender Consultation N°14/2023 du Décembre 2023.

The ONEX Technology Systems & Business Solutions company was previously recognized as a representative of the ONEX Shipyards & Technologies Group by the state shipping company of the Republic of Algeria ENTMV (Entreprise Nationale de Transport Maritime de Voyageurs) – better known as Alegerie Ferries – both of the two international open tenders carried out by the company for two of the ships in its fleet, which operate on the coastal lines connecting Algeria with France (the port of Marseille) and Spain (the ports of Barcelona and Alicante).

The international tenders were carried out through the process of submitting closed technical and financial tenders, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Algeria, and the results of the tenders were communicated to all participants, including shipyards from Italy, France, Malta and Turkey.  The technical-economic offer of the ONEX Group Shipyards prevailed with a significant difference.

“Greece is estimated to have multiple benefits from the specific international cooperation ensured by ONEX Group. The total turnover for both ships is estimated to amount to tens of millions of euros, creating at the same time a new channel of contacts and economic transactions with a rising economy such as Algeria, a country that is the first largest in the African continent and the tenth largest in the world,” ONEX pointed out.