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Piraeus Port: Clean electricity in coastal shipping

The port of Piraeus is ready to proceed with the implementation of ship electrification infrastructure from land, starting from the area of coastal shipping.

Τhe organization has already completed the relevant studies for the “clean” electrical interconnection of coastal shipping vessels and is going to submit the relevant proposal to the competent European body in order to get the green light for funding from the Cohesion Fund, at a rate of 85%.

The program will be completed by the end of December and the relevant dossier is expected to be submitted early next year.

The Positions

The areas in the coastal shipping port where the power stations will be built and will connect the port of Piraeus with the substations are on the coast of Poseidonos, Agios Dionysios, Hetionia and Perikleous. The arms that will connect the ship to the port infrastructure will also be placed in the specific positions.

The electrification study that accompanies the master plan of the port also includes the environmental study, which is mandatory, as well as the plan for the transfer of the clean power that will be required by the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator (HEDNO), which has already completed the relevant proposal.

In terms of consumption, the power consumed by the port of Piraeus is 10 megawatts, while it is estimated that with the new electrification infrastructure of the five berths of the coastal shipping vessels, the consumption that will be required in addition will have a total power of 13.5 megawatts.

Together with the four electrification sites also planned for the cruise, the total electrical power for the entire port is expected to reach around 130 megawatts.