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Piraeus Bank: 97% of its total transactions held digitally


CEO Christos Megalou spoke at the Financial Times international conference "Global Banking Summit"

Almost all of Piraeus Bank’s transactions (97%) are now carried out digitally, its CEO Christos Megalou pointed out, speaking at the Financial Times international conference “Global Banking Summit” on “Leadership Strategies for the Further of Banking.”

The conference is held annually in London and is attended by senior executives from the world’s largest banks. It is considered one of the top conferences for banking executives, who discuss the challenges, opportunities, emerging trends and shaping the future of banking.

Referring to the trends shaping the future in banking transactions, Megalou noted that Generative AI is upgrading the internet, from a means of extracting general information to an intelligent means of specialized information, and the user experience, from transactional to personal.

Therefore, banks emphasize convenience, personalization, speed and security in the banking experience, responding to the ever-increasing expectations of customers for faster and more efficient transactions, whether in matters of payments and account management, or in matters of lending. Customers now expect banking services to be as easy as on their favorite e-commerce platforms or social media.

Asked about the trends taking place in other industries that have an impact on banking, the CEO of Piraeus emphasized that “customers tend to choose services from companies that are proven to adopt sustainable development and social responsibility practices. In this context, the responsible use of artificial intelligence and other modern technologies by large companies is becoming increasingly important, as customers, on the one hand, show particular sensitivity to the ethical implications of the use of such technological tools, and on the other hand, look for companies that prioritize values such as sustainability, social responsibility and ethical behavior. This trend is also reflected in the banking industry, where customers evaluate each bank’s ethical practices and commitment to responsible banking. Piraeus Bank is committed to playing a leading role in revitalizing the Greek economy and creating a sustainable and inclusive future.”

Also, Megalou mentioned that Piraeus Bank, as part of its transformation, invests in its continuous development, applying modern banking practices, utilizing its expanded network, investing in the training and development of its people and integrating cutting-edge technologies into its systems, in order to respond quickly to the modern demands and personalized needs of its customers.