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Internal police investigation to summon 15-20 officers to testify


The internal investigation over the failure of the Greek police to stop banned Dinamo Zagreb hooligans from travelling to AEK’s football stadium in Nea Philadelphia is rapidly proceeding, according to sources from the Ministry of Citizen Protection.

About 15 to 20 police officers are expected to testify in the internal investigation.

Citizen Protection Ministry sources said the investigation that began on Tuesday is proceeding at a fast rate and will assign responsibility where it is due. The police officers that will be summoned to testify come from all police directorates, from the Kakavia borders with Albania to Attica, and all related services.

Sworn testimony is also expected to be taken from non-police staff.

Citizen Protection Minister Yiannis Economou announced on Tuesday that seven senior officers in the Greek Police would immediately be removed from their positions following the serious incidents.

Economou underlined it was “unacceptable” that the Croatian hooligans managed to cross the border and reach the OPAP Arena, adding that prevention on the part of the authorities had failed.

He also warned of more removals and transfers of officers, following an internal inquiry over the handling of the events to determine responsibility “at all levels and in all forms.”