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Grid Telecom activates new high-speed telecoms network between Attica-Thessaloniki

Grid Telecom, a subsidiary company of the Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO), has designed, constructed, and activated an advanced data transmission axis supporting ultra-high speeds of 100 Gigabits (100G) for the telecommunication interconnection between Attica and Thessaloniki.

The new telecommunication axis is part of the under-development DWDM optical fiber network by Grid Telecom, spanning across Greece, providing a comprehensive solution for delivering protected capacity services through successive high-speed optical connections, the company said in a statement.

More specifically, the new infrastructure allows the protected interconnection of Grid Telecom’s points of presence in the Digital Realty Data Centers in Attica and Balkan Gate in Thessaloniki, with a round-trip delay time of less than 6 milliseconds for data transfer. This measurement achieves the optimal theoretical response time, demonstrating the efficiency of the DWDM network deployed by the subsidiary of the Operator.

Moreover, this speed ensures that users of the service, already provided to Lancom for connecting their points of presence in the two major urban centers of the country, will experience the best possible performance for their infrastructure interconnections.