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Sakellaropoulou-Mattarella agree further action against climate change

Προεδρία της Δημοκρατίας

Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou thanked her Italian counterpart Sergio Mattarella for the dispatch of airplanes to deal with the fires affecting Greece and underlined that a joint initiative of the countries of southern Europe is needed to deal with climate risks in the Mediterranean.

According to the statement of the Italian Presidency, “President Mattarella expressed his support, reminded that Italy also faces serious consequences due to climate change and responded positively to the proposal.”

He also underlined that “Greece and Italy can create a common front to sensitize the European Union, the remaining Mediterranean countries and the entire international community, so that more rapid and effective action can be developed to deal with the consequences of the climate crisis.”

“The two presidents have decided to work together to sensitize and include in this initiative their counterparts in the European countries of the Mediterranean,” the statement concluded.