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Greece braces for its second extreme heat wave


Greece braces for its second extreme heat wave on Thursday that will last until next Sunday.

Temperatures are rising again throughout Greece, with forecasts predicting 43 Celsius during the day.

From Friday, 21 July, until Sunday, 23 July, temperatures are forecast to escalate, reaching 41C-43C on the mainland and even climbing as high as 44C in parts of Thessaly and Central Greece. Temperatures will also be high on the islands, ranging from 38C-41C.

On Monday, 24 July, there will be a drop of between 2 to 5 degrees, mostly in the eastern parts of the country.

Regarding the risk level, risk level 3 (extreme temperatures with significant health effects) is expected in Larissa and Patras. On Friday, risk level 3 is expected in Athens, Thessaloniki, Larissa and Patras, and risk level 2 (extremely high temperatures) in Ioannina.

According to the available data, high temperatures are forecast to return on Tuesday, 25 July, until Thursday, 27 July.