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Greece: Firefighters continue battling the fires on several fronts


A total of 87 forest fires broke out on Monday.

Firefighters with the assistance of residents and volunteers were battling the flames all night.

A total of 87 forest fires broke out on Monday. The four most serious occurred in Eastern Attica, Boeotia, Loutraki and Dervenochoria, as Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Vassilis Kikilias, said.

“We are doing everything that is humanly possible,” the minister underlined.

Kikilias also announced that “the authorities will immediately record any damage that has occurred or will occur in order to proceed with the compensation of the citizens.”

The most difficult front is in Dervenochoria with the fire moving towards Magoula. In the wider area of Saronida, the firefighters are faced with scattered outbreaks.

The picture is better in Loutraki, where the fiery blaze caused on Monday significant damage.

“All the forces of the Civil Protection were battling the flames throughout the night,” said the Fire Brigade’s spokesperson Lt. Colonel Yiannis Artopios during a special briefing on Tuesday morning.

“The first priority is always the safeguarding of human life and, of course, the protection of critical public infrastructures as well as the private property of citizens,” he underlined.

Artopioos stated that 230 firefighters, seven ground teams, 76 fire engines continue to operate in Saronida, assisted by three helicopters and two more are expected in the area.

A total of 120 firefighters, four ground teams, 43 fire engines assisted by five water-dowsing airplanes and a helicopter are operating in the wildfire at Kaparelli, Boeotia. Another four airplanes and one helicopter are expected in the area.

At Dervenochoria, 140 firefighters with five ground teams and 48 fire engines are operating on land, assisted by six airplanes and one helicopter.