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The Metro and Tram strike has been lifted


According to the announcement of STA.SY. the strike mobilization of the workers’ union, which had been announced for tomorrow, March 28, is suspended, with lines 1, 2 & 3 of the Metro and the tram operating normally.

In a statement, the Athens Metro Workers Union stresses that there is “a channel of communication for the resolution of the workers’ demands and therefore suspends the 24-hour strike”. In more detail, the SEMA in its statement says: “In the context of the negotiations for the implementation of our demands and the government’s commitments to the employees of STASY, there seemed to be a channel of communication for the resolution of the problems.

For this reason, our union suspends “temporarily” until the end of the current week, the 24-hour strike that was announced for tomorrow Tuesday 28/3/23, demanding state transport, cheap, fast and reliable for all citizens.