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After the Tempi train crash: How the trains will get back on track


The road map for the for the resumption of the railways' operation

Τhe resumption of the operation of the railway is being prepared under conditions of maximum possible safety, until its technological upgrade system is completed.

The government’s goal is to have trains operate again as soon as possible, possibly by the end of March, having secured the necessary conditions, – “no train is going to start operating if we do not have the additional safety valves” as Minister of State for Transport-Infrastructure Giorgos Gerapetritis said after consultations with all the involved bodies and employees.

A key condition, however, for the trains to get back on the tracks is finding common ground between the government and workers, who are demanding increased safeguards.

The first meeting with the Minister of State was “constructive” but there will be another meeting early next week, in order to agree all the details to put the trains back on the tracks.

The government’s plan includes the launch of immediate initiatives to improve the problematic situation on the railways, in terms of both technology and human resource management.

AMNA News Agency