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FM Dendias: Greece will be part of the bright future of Odessa

Thank you so much for receiving me in these difficult times. I came here to reiterate the support of the Greek government, the government of Prime Minister Mitsotakis, and to manifest the close relation we have with Odessa, its past, and may I express the hope, with its future,” Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said.

“Because, what is clear even beyond the smoke of today’s bombs is that Odessa will have a bright future. The only thing I can say right now in these difficult times, is that we are going to be part of this future by helping you reconstruct this city and make it even more beautiful, even better. Allow me to say, as a last remark, that I was very touched. I visited the building of the Filiki Etairia, the Friends’ Society, which is where the Greek Revolution started, and I found it as I had left it in July. With all the items stored in the basement, protected. So thank you so much. We very much appreciate the fact that you protected our common heritage. I can only hope the best for you in these difficult times,” he added.

 Source: ANA-MPA