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Some relaxation of measures to be introduced in venues, Health Minister says

The government will allow some relaxation of measures for the coronavirus pandemic, Health Minister Thanos Plevris said on Thursday, including the use of music in food and entertainment centers and longer opening hours at these.

He said however that customers at food and entertainment venues must be seated, as standing patrons are still not allowed.

The measures follow the recommendations of the specialists committee at the ministry, which will also review the expansion of the spectator capacities in sports stadiums.

Vaccination certificates extended

In addition, Plevris said that vaccination certificates expiring this week and up to January 31 would be extened to February 7, to allow people to access vaccination centers after the heavy snowstorm early this week.

The health minister said that scaling back the measures came after lower numbers of new Covid-19 infections and improved ratios this week of hospital admissions/discharges, although he cautioned that the National Health System remains under pressure.

Source: ANA-MPA