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Tsipras on Kontra TV: ‘The most urgent issue at hand is to see this government leave’

The most urgent issue at hand “is to see this government leave, because it has failed and it is dangerous,” said SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance party leader Alexis Tsipras, in an interview with Kontra Channel TV on Thursday.

“It is a matter of life and death, a matter of survival, an issue of democracy,” he added.

Referring to the pandemic, Tsipras said that “our country is in the worst position in Covid deaths per one million inhabitants in all of Europe, and in one of the worst in the world.” He said that the prime minister left society unprotected against the pandemic and did not strengthen the public health system.

“We live in a tragedy, one that is reflected in people who perished [by Covid] but instead could have been saved. I am referring not only to the total number of deaths, which is proportionally the highest in Europe, but also to what the [health experts] Tsiodras-Litras study suggested, that a large number of those who did die could have been saved if conditions in the national health system had been different.”

Moreover, added Tsipras, “it is a government that is dangerous to the income of workers and of households, and to the middle class. It is a government that is dangerous to democracy.”

Source: ANA-MPA