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Another 300 Covid beds in private sector added to the national health system

Another 300 Covid beds provided by large private sector clinics have been included in the operational plan for the Attica region. Thus, the Operations Centre in Athens will be able to send patients with Covid to the private hospitals that have offered these 300 beds, the Secretary General of Health Services of the health ministry, Ioannis Kotsiopoulos, stated on Sunday in an interview with “Open TV”.

He also added that the small private clinics with which the ministry cooperates will offer additional beds that will be announced within the week. He noted that the national health system is under a lot of pressure in Attica, Thessaloniki and Crete, due to the large increase in hospital admissions and will need hospital beds.

Fortunately, he added, we have not seen a big increase in patients needing Intensive Care Units, “but we are on alert if we need to intervene.”

 Source: ANA-MPA