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Greece: 4 bln euros worth of direct, indirect taxes by Dec. 30 deadline at hand

Some six million taxpayers in Greece are obliged to pay roughly four billion euros into the state coffers of the crisis-battered country until Dec. 30, the last working day of the year, as several tax deadlines expire during a year that has witnessed a veritable “tax tsunami”.

Specifically, the deadlines that expire on Friday include the fifth installment of a property tax (known as ENFIA in its Greek-language abbreviation), which was imposed in 2016 on 6.36 million tax codes, of which 6.313 are individual taxpayers, with the rest, some 50,000, being all types of legal entities.

The total sum expected from the fifth property tax payment of 2016 is 624 million euros.

Additionally, the sixth and seventh installment for corporate taxes ascribed for the previous year (2015) are due, with roughly 250,000 companies and businesses affected. A total of one billion euros from these two installments is due.

The total from VAT remittances recorded in November 2016, and for self-employed professionals in October 2016 as well, also reaches one billion euros.

The last working day of 2016 is also the deadline for paying vehicle license fees for the coming year, with some five million vehicles in the country affected. The sum listed on the budget for 2017 is the same as the ongoing year, 1.1 billion euros.

Finally, the end of the year marks the deadline for paying off the last yearly installment in various repayment schemes for arrears to the state, with 300 million euros budgeted from this item.