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MNI: Despite progress, no second review at Dec. 5 meeting expected

Germany’s MNI news agency on Tuesday said that despite the progress achieved so far, an agreement to conclude the second review of the Greek program (third bailout) is not expected during a Eurogroup meeting on Dec. 5.

MNI quotes high-ranking Community sources in its report.

The same sources referred to disagreements between creditors themselves over the Greek program’s medium-term goals, a “catchphrase” that usually means the IMF’s differences with European creditors (Commission, ECB, SSM).

According to MNI, EU officials are now considering a “Plan B” option in case the IMF and European creditors fail to iron out differences, while calling on Athens to take a “political decision” to close the second review.

The latest round of negotiations between the leftist Greek government and creditors — which the former demanded be called the “institutions” last year as opposed to the previous “troika” — ended on Tuesday. However, an array of “open issues” remains unresolved, despite the progress acknowledged by both sides.

A teleconference was nevertheless scheduled ahead of a EWG meeting on Nov. 28.