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Telegraph: AI-assisted lie detectors on EU borders; Greek opposition leader request Parliament debate on migrantion issue

The European Union is ready to begin the pilot use of AI-assisted lie detectors at its external borders, part of a plan to combat organized crime and terrorism, the Telegraph reported on Friday.

The 4.5-million-euro project, called iBorderCtrl, will first be tested at border crossings in Hungary, Latvia and Greece for six months, according to the UK newspaper.

 The article claims that the system has a roughly 76-percent accuracy rate, with the project’s team saying it can increase to 85 percent.

In a related development in Greece, main opposition New Democracy (ND) president Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Friday tabled a request in Parliament for an off-the-agenda debate on the migrant/refugee crisis.

 In his tabled request, Mitsotakis referred to a “weakness by the government to manage the migration and refugee problem, while insulting basic human rights of those who sought refuge in Greece, threatening the cohesion of areas receiving the weight refugees/migrant flows…”.