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Government sets 5,000-euro fine for overcharging for PCR, rapid testing

The administrative fine for centres that overcharge for PCR or rapid tests, exceeding the price caps imposed by the government, has been set at 5,000 euros. For centres that fail to post a price list that clearly indicate the above price caps, the fine is set at 1,000 euros.

The fines and price caps, which have been set at 47 euros for PCR tests (analysis and sample taking combined) and 10 euros for rapid lateral flow tests, are set out in a new decision signed by Development and Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis published in the Government Gazette, which comes into effect on Thursday, January 6.

More specifically, the minister’s decision sets a 35-euro maximum price for the analysis of the sample and the consumables used and a 12-euro maximum price for the service of taking a sample on the premises of a private clinic or diagnostic centre.

For lateral flow tests, the maximum price that can be charged for analysis and the taking of samples at all sale points is 10 euros.

The price caps for sample-taking do not apply if this service is provided outside of the premises of a private diagnostic centre, clinic, pharmacy or a private surgery, in which case it can range freely.

All businesses that offer these services are required to post a price list where at a location where it can be easily viewed by the public and on their websites, which must also clearly mention the above maximum prices.

 Source: ANA-MPA