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Covid-19 outbreak: 49 related deaths on Fri. in Greece; figures continue to drop, slowly

Forty-nine coronavirus-related deaths were reported around Greece on Friday, with the number intubated patients dropping under the 400-mark, coinciding on a day when restrictions of a partial nationwide lockdown were extended to Jan. 18.

New single-day Covid-19 infections reached 721, nearly two weeks after the first Pfizer-BionTech vaccinations began in the country with an initial batch of more than 8,000 vaccinations. 

Of the acute Covid-19 cases being treated in hospital ICUs, the average age remained fixed at 68, while 85.2 percent of this group have an underlying condition or are above the age of 70. Conversely, 950 patients previously treated in ICUs have been discharged and are recuperating or fully recovered. 

The death toll since the advent of the pandemic reached 5,195, with the average age of the victims being 79, while 95.5 percent – unchanged for days – of the latter suffered from underlying health conditions or were above the age of 70.