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Covid-19 outbreak: Greece still below global averages in terms of confirmed infections; fatalities

Greece ranks in 40th place worldwide in the number of confirmed Covid-19 infections as of March 28, down from 32nd place just a week ago, a development that is met with guarded relief some two weeks into a lockdown with restrictions on non-essential movement outdoors.

The figure of 1,061 confirmed infections translates, roughly, into 102 cases per million residents, placing it in 66th place globally, again down from 55th last week, and 22nd among the 27 EU member-states.

At last glance the international average number of confirmed infections per one million residents is approximately 85.

In terms of coronavirus-related deaths in the country, the figure of 32 is 28th, down from 24th last week.

Based on population, Greece records three deaths per every million of residents, 33th globally and 16th among EU states. The global average is fourth deaths per million, meaning that the east Mediterranean country is under the global average.

The number of people being treated in critical condition is 66, as of March 28, 20th in terms of the global average of serious cases, and down from 17th a week ago. Serious Covid-19-related cases comprise 7 percent of all confirmed cases in the country.