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Mitsotakis unveils government key policies


Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced the key government policies, including the extension of the market pass and the youth pass, an increase in salaries and benefits and the abolition of the 30% penalty for working pensioners. Mitsotakis also announced a 10% reduction in Uniform Real Estate Ownership Tax (ENFIA) for houses insured against natural disasters and confirmed the return of the Athens and Thessaloniki Water Utilities EYDAP and EYATH, respectively, to the State.

The national plan for Greece in 2027

  • Achievement of investment grade rating and early repayment of bilateral loans of the first memorandum by the end of 2023
  • Reasonable primary surpluses and reduction of public debt as a percentage of GDP below 140% by 2027
  • Lower unemployment to 8% by 2027
  • Increase in exports to 60% of GDP
  • Reducing inequalities and increasing the minimum wage to 950 euros and the average wage to 1,500 euros by 2027
  • By 2027, 90% of the approximately 4,500 administrative procedures of the State will have been digitized
  • Initiation of constitutional revision in 2025
  • Upgrade of defense equipment with 24 Rafale fighters, upgrade of 83 F-16 to “Viper”, acquisition of 3 Belharra frigates, supply of Greek F-35

Immediate financial measures

  • From 1/1/2024, the new public sector payroll comes into force
  • Market Pass extension for the coming months
  • New reduction of ENFIA by 10% for properties insured against natural disasters
  • Additional tax deduction of 1,000 euros for families with children
  • Continuation of the one-off economic aid, at the end of 2023, for those pensioners who continue to be affected by the personal difference
  • Those of the pensioners who are working will not see their pension reduced by 30%. On the contrary, they will receive it in full, seeing only a small deduction in their additional income.

Support measures for young people and education

  • Increase in the minimum and average salary
  • Further reduction of social security contributions
  • Increase of the tax-free threshold by 1,000 euros for families with children
  • Increase in family allowance for public sector employees by 20 euros for the first child and by an additional 50 euros from the second child
  • Youth Pass of 150 euros to every 18 and 19-year-old for travel and cultural activities, as of September
  • A national plan to upgrade schools
  • Six-month training and international certification program for 100,000 workers and unemployed in high-demand IT and technology specialties
  • Article 28 of the Constitution is being activated, opening the way for investments of foreign universities that would like to invest in Greece.
  • Construction of new student residences for 8,500 students
  • New salaries in the public sector as of January, 2024
  • Among the measures announced, the prime minister unveiled plans for the extension of the Athens and Thessaloniki metro, road construction and airport upgrade.