ICELANDIC VOLCANO ERUPTION 4K - Flying through the lava

Πέμπτη, 08 Απριλίου 2021 10:13

After weeks of thousands of earthquakes on the peninsula of Reykjanes in Iceland on March 19th 2021 the ground opened up and the lava reached the surface. The volcano of GELDINGADALIR at the FAGRADALSFJALLI was born. Right after I heard from the eruption I flew to Iceland waited for the end of my quarantine and then I spent several days and nights at the volcano. It was such an incredible adventure. Every day the volcano looked completely different.   For this footage I brought 3 Mavic 2 Pro drones with me. One was „sacrificed“ for the very close up shots. As those flights through the lava spray were pure luck and the drones records the footage internally I recorded the screen of my remote control that in case of loosing it I would at least have the final shots saved on my mobile phone. But this lucky bee survived to the very end. The drone is completely melted from the outside and there are so many malfunctions and errors that it’s funny to fly - BUT it still flies and captures photos and videos.   Attention: You are NOT allowed to use any of this footage without purchasing a license - this also applies for non-commercial use. Any use without a license for commercial or non-commercial/private use will be prosecuted. My footage has been featured in well-known TV-Productions (BBC,...) and in multiple projects of globally active organizations (Google LTD, WWF,...).   Sorry for the watermark, but I have some serious issues with people stealing my footage and selling it illegally on Shutterstock. We are currently conducting a major lawsuit against Shutterstock. The injunction was submitted in summer 2020. Thank you for your understanding.   Details Cinematography: Stefan Forster Cut and Editing: Stefan Forster Music: Hampus Naeselius ES Drone: Mavic / D-Log-M 4K 30P HQ Software: Davinci Resolve Studio 17

Stefan Forster