Tense clash of female gorillas at Bristol Zoo

Τρίτη, 06 Απριλίου 2021 00:05

The female gorillas from the Bristol Zoo are having an intense quarrel. They're wrestling and throwing straw at each other. Kala is the newcomer and the females are a bit jealous of her, as she gets on quite well with the silverback Jock. When Kala choose the spot on the hut, Kukena wasn't happy. She climbed on top of the hut and gets close to Kala. Kala starts throwing the straw in the air and they both end up wrestling. Kala then runs away with Kala following her. Kukena climbs back on the hut and so does Kala, but Kukea jumps straight back down again when she sees Kala. Nature can be intense!   Source & embed code:   For licensing, please email [email protected]

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