Roger Waters - El derecho de vivir en paz (Víctor Jara)

Πέμπτη, 02 Απριλίου 2020 22:30

The Right to Live in Peace From Roger Waters Facebook profile:   "A note from Roger and Victor Jara:   This is for the people of Santiago and Quito and Jaffa and Rio and La Paz and New York and Baghdad and Budapest and everywhere else the man means us harm. Love R.   Thanks to brother Dr. Pablo López in Chile for the video editing.   El derecho de vivir Poeta Ho Chi Minh Que golpea de Vietnam A toda la humanidad Ningún cañón borrará El surco de tu arrozal El derecho de vivir en paz From my cell in New York City0 I can hear the casarolazos I can smell you Pinero All fucking rats smell the same You can shoot out the eyes of the children You were always that fucking insane But you’ll never snuff out the flame. And in Jaffa, and in Quito In Bagdad and Delhi and Maine In Saskatchawan and in Rio Enough with this living in chains. The river that runs through the streets Is a river of brotherly love And the eagle will be humbled by the dove. So beware Bolsonaro, Giuido and Modi and Trump The Cassarolazo is louder than all of your guns It’s the beating heart.of the people And the message is perfectly plain Our mother earth is just not for sale. Tío Ho, nuestra canción Es fuego de puro amor Es palomo palomar Olivo del olivar Es el canto universal Cadena que hará triunfar El derecho de vivir en paz Es el canto universal Cadena que hará triunfar El derecho de vivir en paz El derecho de vivir en paz".

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